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emergency number:  07525798169. 

Next Parish Council Meeting and Parish Meeting will be held on 12th March 2019 at 7pm, Village Hall.  

The Council is again appealing for public spirited volunteers to consider joining the Council.  With numbers falling our concern is that the village will lose its Council and thereby its local voice and more importantly its control of the village.  

Brown Caddy Bags are available from the Parish Office, Village Hall.. 


Lets Get Moving sessions - Village Hall  Wednesday mornings 10.30 to 11.30am followed by Tea/Coffee and biscuits - Cost £1.50 per session, Come along and have some light hearted fun. 

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ALL LOCAL BUSINESSES:  It is hoped (space available) to put a page of local business adverts in the next Parish booklet - if you wish to let the clerk have a business card we will endeavour to advertise (free).

Comments have recently been posted on social media about dog fouling and what is the Council doing about it.  Firstly we have placed 2 new bins on the Galfid Road area.  As for the open land where dog walkers go - we cannot place bins in the area of the field as of course there would be do way to empty them by the ERYC.  If anyone wishes to make reprensentation the Parish Meetings are the best place to air ones views.  






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Please send any articles to be included in the next issue (due in July 2017 to the Parish clerk, by e-mail to  

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Community Emergency Plan

In the event of an emergency of any sort it is a well recognised fact that the first response is often unfortunately disorganised, however it is also recognised as the time when the most can be done to limit the effect on both people and their environment.
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Bilton Community Primary School

Some information about Bilton Community Primary School. Some further information with details about the school, learning and education.
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Bilton Parish Council Meetings

All meetings of the Bilton Parish Council are open to the general public, and are currently convened in the Village Hall (old library room) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
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