Year End A/c

Annual Year End Returns 2021-22  
Unaudited  Annual Governance Statement & Accounting Statement  
Spend over £100  
Internal Audit Report  
Notice of public rights  
Explanation of variances  
Audited Year End Accounts 2021-22  
Annual Year End Returns 2020-21  
Unaudited Annual Governance Statement  
Unaudited Accounting statement  
Payment over £100  
Internal audit report  
Annual Governance Statement 2021  
Accounting Statements 2021  
External Audit Report 2021  
Annual Year End Returns 2019-20  
Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual Return 2020   
Annual Governance Statement 19-20  
Accounting Statements 19-20  
Annual Internal Audit Report 19-20  
Payments over £100  
Notice of conclusion of Audit 19-20  
External Audit Report  
Annual Governance Statement  
Accounting Statement  

Annual Tear End Returns 2018-19

Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual Return 2019   
Variances Report  
Annual Goverance Statement 2019  
Annual Internal Audit 2019  
Spend over 100  
Accounting Statement 2019  
Bank Reconciliation 310319  
Annual Governance & Accountability Statement 310319  
Annual Year End Returns: 2017-18  
Annual Audited Return 2017-18  
Notice of Unaudited Return 2018  
Statement of spend over £100  
Notice of Unaudited Return 2017  
Notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited annual return  
Annual governance statement 2016-17  
Notice of Conclusion of Audit  
Certified Annual Return 2016-17  
Annual Governance Statement  
Receipt and Payment Account  
Bank Reconciliation  
Statement of spend over 100  
Internal report page 1  
Internal report page 2  
Internal report page 3  
internal report page 4  
internal report  
Variance statement  
Annual Report 2015  
Unaudited Accounts declaration 2016  
Accounting Statement Section 2 - 2016   
Accounting Statement Section 1 - 2016  
Statement of Spend over £100 31 Mar 2016  

Bank Reconcilation 31 March 2016

The Annual Return 31 March 2016  


Community Emergency Plan

In the event of an emergency of any sort it is a well recognised fact that the first response is often unfortunately disorganised, however it is also recognised as the time when the most can be done to limit the effect on both people and their environment.
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Bilton Community Primary School

Some information about Bilton Community Primary School. Some further information with details about the school, learning and education.
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Bilton Parish Council Meetings

All meetings of the Bilton Parish Council are open to the general public, and are currently convened in the Village Hall (old library room) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
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