Role of Flood Warden


  • Your prime role is to ensure your own safety
    • Always use your probe stick when walking in unclear water.  There is a very real risk of lifted drain covers.
    • Do not enter fast flowing streams or ditches
    • Do not enter water where you are unsure of the depth
  • Ensure that flood emergency equipment is ready – Hi vis Jacket, probing stick, flood warden ID card
  • Ensure you are registered with the Environment Agency flood warning service to receive flood warnings/alerts
  • Be familiar with the Bilton Parish Council flood plan and flood contact list contained within the emergency procedures
  • Be aware of vulnerable people (Aged, infirm or disabled), in your area of responsibility

Flood Alert

  • Stay aware of Environment Agency updates
  • Be prepared to take action

Flood Warning

  • Visit vulnerable people advising them of the situation
  • Advise flood co-ordinators of requirements for sandbags (should only be reserved for the vulnerable and for homes not garages or outbuildings) that are at imminent risk of flood
  • Advise the flood co-ordinators of requirements for road barriers

Actual Flood emergency

  • Liaise with the rescue services
  • Assist rescue services to prioritise rescue activities
  • Maintain communications with the flood co-ordinators office with issues as arising
  • Visit vulnerable people to help or get help where needed

After the Flood Incident

  • Attend post-flooding meeting to review lessons learnt
  • Provide input to the flood co-ordinator in the preparation of a flood incident report. 
  • Flood Warning

    Flood Warning

Community Emergency Plan

In the event of an emergency of any sort it is a well recognised fact that the first response is often unfortunately disorganised, however it is also recognised as the time when the most can be done to limit the effect on both people and their environment.
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Bilton Community Primary School

Some information about Bilton Community Primary School. Some further information with details about the school, learning and education.
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Bilton Parish Council Meetings

All meetings of the Bilton Parish Council are open to the general public, and are currently convened in the Village Hall (old library room) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
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