December Edition Council Newsletter

December Edition Council Newsletter

It is some time since the Parish Council has issued any form of newsletter to our residents.  It is because of that fact we are sending this communication.

The Parish Council has been busy over the past twelve months seeking to try and improve upon the environment for residents and visitors alike.  To make the public aware of our activities we have prepared this newsletter.   We were faced with a problem last November, when at the 11th hour the village remembrance service was in danger of not taking place, due to The British Legion’s work and with the Council support our tribute to the fallen was able to take place.

The Council has for some time been concerned regarding severe weather events leaving the village vulnerable, and in order to obtain any additional financial help, the village needed to have an Emergency Plan approved.  This resulted in a plan being written and approved by the East Riding, and along with this two recognised emergency centres have been identified and supplied with some emergency items, should the worst take place.  The Council have invested in a new Container sighted by the Village Hall, in which 6 tons of sand and a supply of bags which will be available for collection from the Container.  Our next step will be to collate a list of people willing to help, who may have specialist equipment, like tractors, 4 x 4 vehicles, JCB etc. who can aid the villagers in a crisis.

In August, the Parish Council arranged for the village War memorial to be floodlit and a service was conducted to mark the event which was done to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the commencement of the First World War.  The Parish Council continue with its normal activities including the upkeep of the burial ground, and pro-actively working with the East Riding Council to ensure our green areas and hedges are maintained neatly.  The Council in conjunction with the Police will continue to monitor the issue of speeding through the village.

September saw the Parish Council heavily involved in the Referendum Campaign to prevent the possible encroachment of the Hull City Council.  Councillors delivered leaflets to every house in the Council area, together with road side banners highlighting the referendum.  The Council were not in favour of this expansion and campaigned for its defeat.  We were grateful that the vast majority of residents were of a similar mind, and that most returned the referendum papers accordingly.  We are sure that all of you will know the result, but just reemphasise a turnout of 75.27% was achieved across the affected areas and a clear majority of 96.5% were against.  With this overwhelming result it is hoped any further boundary incursion will be stopped.

Councillors have chased the ERYC to install a flood management system for Ganstead east which has now seen work commence on the scheme.  

Future projects for consideration by the Council are:

  • Consider changing the shed in the burial ground to include a shelter for visitors
  • Install a flagpole in the village, in order that the union flag and St George’s flag can be flown on special days
  • Replace existing notice boards with new notice boards
  • Install village planter signs to mark the village boundaries
  • Install small planters around the estate areas
  • Install a permanent speed sign in Holmes Lane to try reduce speeding
  • Setting up of a Youth Club (volunteers are needed) 

The Council have been able to attract two new members to act on the Council, but following the resignation of the Clerk appointed after Mr. Willingham retired, and so we are to begin the search for a new Clerk for the Council.  We have appointed the services of Onepoint Ltd to help us to set up a new website, which will hopefully include the ability to send out future newsletters by e-mail. If you would prefer to receive an e-mail copy please send an e-mail request to the Council  This will certainly reduce our production and delivery costs. 

It is intended the website will have a section to include up and coming village events, so if any group wish to advertise their event, please send an e-mail to the address.

The Council still has vacancies and if anyone wishes to find out more please send your details to us and a member of the Council will be pleased to speak with you.

If any resident has any matters or suggestions that they feel ought to be brought to the attention of the Council, please contact the Clerk and consideration will be made to any appropriate action to be taken.


The neighbourhood watch group continues to meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Church Hall, in the Village, with the Police surgery taking place on the same night at 7.15 pm so anyone can raise concerns with our local PCSO Darren Bainton.  Crime in the area continues to be very small, but we ask everyone to be vigilant at all times and if criminality is seen to report it to the Police.  Villagers can keep up to date with crime and appeals by visiting @BiltonWatch where information is updated by our PCSO.

May we the Councillors take this opportunity to wish all residents best wishes for the Christmas period and a safe, healthy and prosperous new year.

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